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Lobbyist Fund Pledge

Help make sure we have a strong team of TCA lobbyists speaking out for chiropractic on “the Hill”.  It is enormously important to have professional lobbyists to supplement the grassroots work of membership and the lobbying that Tiffany Stevens performs as TCA Executive Director. Without this representation and expertise, we cannot successfully pursue our aggressive legislative agenda. 

Your donation of any amount is appreciated to support this much-needed fund.  







The TCA is proud to announce the establishment of the Tennessee Chiropractic Education and Research Foundation (TnChiroFoundation) a 501c(3) organization supporting education, research, a chiropractic scholarship program, career development in chiropractic care, as well as creating innovative charitable programs and services that improve the well-being of our community!  

Why give to the TnChiro Foundation?  A gift to the TnChiroFoundation makes an immediate impact on the profession and the public, and sets the foundation to change the lives of individual chiropractors and their patients. Whether the gift benefits life-changing research or our future chiropractic health care providers' education, your gift of any amount leaves a legacy of hope and health.

NOTE: For tributes or memorial donations, please note the following in the Donor Comments section:

  • the name of the individual(s) for which the donation is being made
  • if you wish for your donation to be made anonymously or, if known, the name of a family member to whom the TnChiroFoundation can send a tribute card sharing your kind gift (dollar amount not included). 

Your tax receipt will be sent directly to you.

PAC Donations

The Tennessee Chiropractic Association Political Action Campaign is a non-partisan initiative directed toward electing and retaining pro-chiropractic candidates.  Your contribution to (TCA PAC) goes directly to this initiative and to strengthen the voice of chiropractic in the places where decisions that impact the chiropractic profession are being made.  With your contributions to the TCA PAC we are able to continue our successful work with legislators who are friendly to chiropractic and hold key committee and/or leadership positions.  (Contributions to the TCA PAC are not tax deductible.)

If you're not already a TCA PAC Donor, PLEASE give!  There are multiple giving levels, as well as the opportunity to give any amount.

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